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Esports betting Powered by Wellbet is one of the new favorite pastimes. Thousands of matches are played daily with bookmakers offering odds on every single aspect of competitive play. Wellbet is here to help you navigate the maze of the esports ecosystem and help you place your first esports bet!

Wellbet brings you the all the essential information you need to give you the inside track on betting on esports. In this extensive guide to esports betting, we take you through how to bet on esports, Join Wellbet for the upcoming Esports Big Events Matches with level promotions.

How to Join (Terms and Conditions)



Valid members of WELLBET are all eligible to participate. Within the specified deposit time, make a one-time deposit of at least 500 yuan (the above time is subject to the above), and bet on the specified event in [ E-sports – Leihuo Venue ] to participate.


Each deposit can only apply for one insurance bet, and the member reward level will be based on the current level of the payout.


Members must bet on the [Overall] option of the specified event: three markets for win, handicap, and total score. The total negative profit is only calculated for the above three markets, excluding the market in the [ Single Game ] option , special handicap and a series of pass.


After the settlement of each specified event, if the player has a negative profit on the specified market, he can get the reward according to the corresponding level and proportion as follows:

membership level Rebate ratio highest rebate
LV 10~12
188 yuan
LV 6~9
88 yuan
LV 1~5
38 yuan

All bonuses will be distributed within 96 hours after the end of the competition (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). If you need to inquire about the distribution results, please contact customer service within 14 days after the end of the event.


This promotional bonus can only be withdrawn if the betting amount reaches 1 times the effective turnover at the Leihuo venue. If the bonus is transferred and bet on other venues, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the bonus and the profits generated by the bonus will be cancelled.


This promotion cannot be applied for at the same time as the transfer bonus, but can be enjoyed at the same time as Jixiang Sports Daily Rebate.


If the designated event is rescheduled for some reason, does not open or other uncontrollable reasons cause the event to be unable to proceed as scheduled, WELLBET will cancel the promotion or take other appropriate measures according to the specific circumstances.


This promotion is applicable to all platforms of WELLBET, including web version, mobile version and download version.


This promotion is only valid for real players, same client, same computer, same address and IP address.


Any individual/group/organization participating in the event in a dishonest manner, including gambling, impersonation, forging identity, colluding to cheat, etc., will be automatically disqualified by the system without any prior notice.


WELLBET reserves the right to terminate the activity in advance without prior and individual notice, and has the right to check all bets made by members.


WELLBET reserves the right of final interpretation of the event and the eligibility of winners.


This activity follows  the general rules and regulations of WELLBET promotions


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