I’m not precisely beyond any doubt when bits of gossip started that Kobe Bryant was thinking about a rebound now that LeBron James has joined his dearest Los Angeles Lakers, however it appears everything began when a TMZ Sports cameraman inquired as to whether he thought it was conceivable, and Barnes stated, “That’d be dope.”

At that point, Shaquille O’Neal dumped fuel on the subsequent blazing takes when The Big Aristotle told another TMZ Sports cameraman half a month later, “Kobe returning, I heard.” Trying not to split too wide a grin, he rehashed himself, just to ensure the person purchased his joke snare, line and sinker.

A group of Lakers being a fan took the lure and spun it into a much taller angling story. One fan connected with Bryant’s better half on Instagram to ask, “Is Kobe returning or not? I know it’s lowkey up to you?”

Vanessa Bryant’s reaction:

Kobe will not be coming out of retirement to play again,” she said, stating what should have been obvious all along. “He doesn’t want to play again and frankly we really enjoy spending time together as a family without the crazy game schedule interfering with birthdays, holidays and special events.

Don’t worry about it the reality Bryant was “the absolute most inconvenient player in the NBA” when last we saw him play out his retirement visit at age 37, Kobe said basically an indistinguishable thing from his better half simply spread out on Instagram when he showed up on ESPN’s “The Jump” and disclosed to Rachel Nichols that he has a sufficiently hard time staying aware of the most youthful of his three little girls and running a generation organization.

Obviously, the main takeaway Kobe Comeback truthers took from that meeting was Bryant telling Nichols, “Now, he’s a piece of the family, so whatever he needs, I got him.” Rather than translating that as Kobe proposing he would work out or exhort LeBron, they thought, Kobe’s unquestionably returning!

Indeed, even after Bryant’s better half felt constrained to shoot down bits of gossip that were only misinterpretations of TMZ cameramen inquiries and joking Shaq cites, there’s still expectation in case you’re the Alex Jones of Kobe supporters. L.A. chatter site HollywoodLife.com issued this namelessly sourced report:

LeBron is convinced Kobe could return and play again for the Lakers, a source close to the NBA star EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com. LeBron feels like despite what Kobe or his wife have said publicly, when the time comes, anything is possible.

This ought to be a fun Lakers season, I presume?

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