After the European Super Cup 2-4 lost to Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid coach Lope Teji attended the post-match conference and commented on the game.
How do you view the performance of the team?
Many times this is not a physical problem, but a treatment of the ball. We made an adventurous decision, but it didn’t work. We should learn from our mistakes and strive to do better.
Mistakes on the back line
Atletico Madrid punishes our mistakes, and their victory is worthy of the name.
Will this game cause the club to change its signings?
I don’t think the club’s policy on the team’s lineup will change much. You should raise your head and play the league start.
We didn’t start the game in the expected way. After we got the lead, we could have killed the game but didn’t. Then the opponent took advantage of our retreat (leveling the score), we played well in overtime, better than the opponent, but they scored more goals to win the game. Their victory is well deserved. When we fell behind in 2-3, we risked it and lost our calm.
Football is made up of mistakes that make you victorious or that make you punished. The third goal gave us an emotional blow. We messed up the score and failed to equalize the score. Instead, we let the opponent score the fourth goal.
About Bell
He is very good, even if his physical ability can’t keep up, but I am very satisfied with his performance and I look forward to his play in the next game.
Negative aspect
Losing the ball, we are not satisfied with the result, it is not normal to lose four balls, we need to improve.
Does the team lack hunger for honor?
Some people think so normal, the players have won many championships, but should focus on the new season, not on what happened in the past few years. We should play the highest level of the team, cheer up, think about La Liga, we have high expectations. We want to be a foothold in this event. I don’t think the players are hungry than they used to be. They are very excited.

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