Griezmann is the first Barcelona player to score in the Champions League knockout away in 5 years
In the away game against Naples, in the first half behind 0-1, Barcelona relied on Griezmann’s goal in the 57th minute to equalize the game. Although the French player was criticized many times this season, he again Saved the team once.

In the 30th minute of the first half, Barcelona trailed 0-1. Barcelona played very hard during the game. Napoli’s defense was well-organized and did not give Barcelona a chance. After scoring goals, they played more conservatively. It wasn’t until almost an hour after kicking that Barcelona had its first shot, and it was this shot that gave Barcelona a goal.

In the 57th minute of the game, Busquets put the ball straight and broke the opponent’s defense. Semedo crossed the right side of the penalty area. Griezmann pushed the ball into the upper right corner with his right foot at 9 meters in front of the goal. score. This goal is very important, allowing Barcelona to get a valuable away goal. This is the second Champions League goal scored by Griezmann this season. He also scored in the away game against Dortmund.

Glezman scored
In addition, this is Griezmann’s 14th goal this season, of which 9 goals helped the team to open the record. It is worth mentioning that since the 2015 away from Bayern, Griezmann is the first player outside Messi to score an away goal for Barcelona in the Champions League knockout.

After 5 years, in addition to Messi, someone finally scored for Barcelona in the knockout away
After the game, the Daily Sports gave Griezmann 6 points, commenting: “He barely participated in the game, but pushed it into the goal after contacting the ball. His diligence on the field and constant running The move paid off. He grabbed the opportunity before the opponent’s defensive player and sent Semedo’s pass to the net. ”

Griezmann came second after the match in the “Marca” fan vote, second only to Ter Stegen, commenting: “He didn’t get much into the game and failed to win among Naples’ defensive players. Create space for opportunities. But in the second half he actively participated in the game and received a goal. He scored the score in the 57th minute of the game. Griezmann is also working hard on the defensive level because he still has to stop Insigne’s counterattack. It’s a yellow card. It was replaced in the 87th minute. ”

Griezmann didn’t talk about his goal after the game, but just said: “We want to win, and here we want to win, but we can’t do it. My task is to give the depth of attack, sometimes it can Yes, sometimes not. ”

Regarding the problem of not cooperating with Messi, Griezmann said: “Messi? It’s difficult. He’s on the right, I’m more on the left. I have a hard time finding him and he has a hard time seeing me. However, when we are together in the midfield, we will try to cooperate and make deep passes. This is my job in Barcelona. ”

The French star believes that Barcelona will play better in the second round: “Then we will fight at home, the situation will be very different. There will be more space, we must win in front of Barcelona fans. We know this is very important In the week ahead, Barcelona will concentrate on it, and the team must continue to work hard to resume the game against Real Madrid. “(Ivan)


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