Juventus’ introduction of Ronaldo is undoubtedly the biggest hot spot this summer.

C Ronaldo’s debut performance, I have seen the game should be clear, basically belong to “half is sea water, half is flame.” As far as C Ronaldo is concerned, it can be roughly divided into two stages. The first was before Manjukiqi came off the bench and the second was after he made his debut. Before Manjue’s appearance, C Ronaldo appeared in the center position for a long time. During this time, Ronaldo did not have many opportunities to touch the ball. Even so, he also had a shot attempt close to the goal. At the same time, the center can also bear a certain pivotal role. As Manju debuted, Ronaldo also opened the Kings mode on the left. Not only did the personal flashing lens gradually increase, but more importantly, he began to participate in the team attack, and even sent a lot of threatening passes and individual blasting.

Overall, 0 shots 0 assists, limited number of touches, fewer mistakes, less involvement in overall tactics, placed on other stars, is said to be the debut of the past. But considering that Cristiano Ronaldo is not a star, and then comparing Jakarini with one pass, there must be some fans who feel unsatisfactory, including Ronaldo himself.

However, for all the players in this game, we manually counted 22 technical data. Through modeling and using quadrant analysis, it was very unexpected to find the facts.

One: A Ronaldo that doesn’t look good

Before Manju came off the bench, Cristiano Ronaldo was basically out of the team’s offensive system and was not able to participate in the offensive team battle. However, there have been several performances that have been commendable. For example, when C Ronaldo is on the back of the ball, he will continue to pick up the ball and find the Quadrado. There are also a few small-scale and teammates who have a foot out and rarely make mistakes.

There are two main problems that cause this to happen. First, the first game of joining the team, the running-in is not enough. Second, in the case of insufficient running-in, you can play a position that you are not good at. After all, it is C Ronaldo. In this situation, ordinary players will inevitably have many mistakes. It is difficult to see the mistakes in the whole game. My personal understanding is that Allegri is so arranged because Man Zhukiqi can’t start. Manju is a standard center and there is no substitute for Juventus, except for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Putting C Ronaldo in the middle can at least attract the important defensive power of the opponent’s middle road, create space for the teammates to play, plus his strong physical and technical tactics, can bring some of the mid-peak role to the team. However, this will inevitably affect the performance of Ronaldo. When Man Zhujiqi came off the bench and C Ronaldo came to the left, we gradually saw the familiar Ronaldo, so there is reason to believe that Allegri’s choice should be an expedient measure in special circumstances.

After Manju debuted, Cristiano Ronaldo on the left made a number of matches with Sandro’s small range, like the combination of his left side and Marcelo’s left side attack. These are the fact that his role has changed from a facilitator to a participant, and it is also proof of the integration into the Juventus offensive system.

The above is the analysis conclusion obtained by watching the game. However, when we watch the game, it is impossible to observe the performance of multiple players at the same time, so this analysis is not complete. When we look back at the game, we record every technical movement of the players, through data modeling, and sorting out, we will find that our naked eyes, our senses, and our ability to understand the world are very limited. Just like Einstein’s theory of relativity, it is an invisible thing. It is impossible to identify his right or wrong by his senses alone. This is what I have to do today. I will join Juventus’ first game through C Ronaldo. I will use the quadrant analysis method to see the 33-year-old Ronaldo. Joining Juventus’ first game is worthy of his status.

Second, the data shows that C Ronaldo still contributed to the performance of the ball king

When we analyzed through quadrant analysis, we discovered unexpectedly that the real situation of C Ronaldo’s first show was not as described above. In fact, we are all “cheated”. Please see the quadrant analysis chart, C Ronaldo this game, still continues his past style, played the performance of the ball king.

This is the quadrant analysis graph generated by the data modeling of this game. C Luo is obviously “listing the mountains and small”. The yellow dot indicates Chievo and the blue dot indicates Juve. If you only look at Chiwa’s quadrant analysis, it is not difficult to see that Jacqueline is their number one star, leading a teammate and occupying the area of ​​Juventus. Let’s just say that, in terms of this game, Jacqueline has the strength to play in the top European luxury team.

From the quadrant chart, C Ronaldo’s unexpected score (representing the ability to create opportunities) is 100 out of 100, and the technical stability score is low because the number of touches is too small. What needs to be explained here is that 100 points means that the accident score is the highest, not the fact score is 100 points. Based on this, it is not difficult to imagine that the C Ronaldo’s coordinates will appear in the upper right corner when the number of times the ball is normal. And other players will appear in the position closer to the lower left corner. (The algorithm is complicated, and interested friends can click on the link above to understand), so C Ronaldo will stand out.

Of course, there will be some errors in the middle of the quadrant analysis. The main focus is on two aspects. First, the standards that individuals understand when manually entering data will be biased. Secondly, after all, in a game, many players will have a good time and bad situation. Therefore, quadrant analysis wants to get the closest result, it must be counted in a season, or even multiple seasons. By that time, the results will be highly coincident with our understanding of the senses. For example, if we count the data of C Ronaldo in the past 10 years for quadrant analysis, the conclusion should be a generation of ball kings, which basically conforms to his sensory perception.

As for whether the game will be inaccurate? It should be no. First of all, from the data point of view, C Ronaldo’s multiple data is the best in the whole game, and is ahead of the second place. There are pictures to prove:

Due to the huge amount of data and the incomplete reality, I will express it in words, and I will not deliberately mark it.

Number of accidents: C Ronaldo 13 times first, Jacqueline 7 times second;

The number of small technologies: C Ronaldo 5 times first, Jacqueline and Dibala 2 times second;

Number of tapes: Ronaldo and Jacqueline were tied for the first time in 6 times, and Douglas Costa was second in the fifth time;

Threats to shoot the number of shots: C Ronaldo 5 times first, and several others each time 1 second;

The number of shots: C Ronaldo 7 times first, Di Bara and Bernardeschi each 3 times second.

Note: When statistics are used, not only record what the player “does”, but also pay attention to “how to do it”. According to this rule, all actions on the football field are first divided into 8 categories, 15 subcategories, and small class technical actions. It is divided into six levels: terrible, poor, normal, nice, threatening, and likegod. See the picture below for “shooting”. example:

In order to facilitate the formation of formula calculations, we have corresponding scores for each technical action. The score of a technical action = the number of completions of the action × the corresponding score, in other words, the same technical action, the more beautiful, the more threatening, the greater weight will be added. Take the shot as an example, as shown below:

If a player has 10 shots in the game and the completion of the 10 shots, according to the understanding of the data statistician, terrible (disaster level) 1 time, poor (poor) 2 times, normal (General) 4, nice (pretty) 1, threatening (threatening) 1, likegod (God) 1, then the score of the player’s “shooting” in this game is 9 points.

Let’s go back to the regular game of Chievo vs Juventus. The score of each player’s data in this game is calculated using the above rules. A simple comparison of these data shows that C Ronaldo’s performance is remarkable, but it is impossible to see how much difference between him and other players on the field.

Third, the data model that can make the striker and the defender have a higher and lower level – quadrant analysis

We can even locate Ronaldo’s abilities in a very interesting way. For example, both the new aid and the offensive players, Douglas Costa and C Ronaldo, no matter from the fame, technical strength, experience, no doubt too much, I believe that this conclusion will not be very different Righteousness. However, if C Ronaldo compares with the new aid Bonucci, the controversy will come. For example, C Ronaldo mainly focuses on goals, while Bonucci mainly focuses on blocking goals. If Ronaldo is stronger, he can’t play the defender. If Bonucci is stronger, he can’t play the striker. For example, in this game, Bonucci, who is a central defender, scored a goal to help the team equalize the score. That is to say, he is qualified for both defensive and offensive tasks in a game. Can he think that Bonu? Chiby is even stronger. Such arguments will continue indefinitely.

However, it seems impossible to carry on the comparison, under the quadrant analysis of this article, it can be very intuitive to let C Ronaldo and Bonucci high! Even Maradona and Bailey, who are stronger, have no solution to the problem of Qin Qiong. As long as the data is sufficient, they can measure the level. It must be said that this is the charm of data and quadrant analysis.

We can often see on the football field that the general success rate of the general generation is limited; and like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, C Ronaldo, and of course Messi, they have a very high success rate, why, because of the defensive player I can’t guess their next move. This is the so-called technical accident in this quadrant analysis. Popularly speaking, it is creativity. There are also some very high success rates, such as Bell, the acceleration is very fast, extraordinary is a big man. This is the so-called technical rationality, that is, his basic skills are very strong. The combination of the two makes it impossible to have the most creative and fastest combination of players. But the combination of both is really true. In addition to Da Luo, it is the Ronaldo we talked about today.

It must be said that the powerful stars are both excellent roles. First, through creativity, success, if you are not fast, it is easy to catch up. Second, through speed, once you meet speed and reaction, you will not lose your opponent, even the possibility of success will be greatly reduced. . The end of both is the inability to create offensive opportunities. Therefore, our quadrant analysis is based on the creative (technical surprise) and basic skills (technical rationality) of player technology, divided into two horizontal and vertical axes, and then divided into four quadrants to locate Ronaldo’s ability.

We define the technical surprises of this game as: threatening shots, threatening passing, success, topping, key defense, etc. In terms of technical rationality, our definition method is reverse definition, namely: wasting absolute scoring opportunities, passing errors, defensive mistakes, taking mistakes, topping, losing the ball, red dot packages, etc. To put it simply, it is to calculate these statistically convenient data in reverse and get the opposite data, which is the reasonable value. Because after all, there are too many technical actions of rationality, and there are many technical actions that are difficult to define, such as reasonable running positions. (For those who are interested in the details of the algorithm, please click to understand)

The algorithm is there, let’s start to position C Ronaldo in this game.

Four: Macro comparison: C Ronaldo is still higher than Juve’s overall level

Compared to the radar maps that you are exposed to, you may think that the radar map can see the gap between players, just like in a football game. actually not. In the process of counting the data of this game, we found the limitations of the radar chart, such as the following picture:

In the radar map, the surface area of ​​the two people is quite the same, but in fact, in the quadrant analysis chart, C Ronaldo is obviously higher than Jakarini more than one grade. Why, because the technical data that the radar map can cover is limited, this determines that the radar map can’t reflect the whole picture at all, and it can at most show the technical ability we need to compare. Taking this picture as an example, although 8 key data are obtained by calculation and processing of 22 items of data, only 8 items of data are compared, and there is no more elaborate algorithm as a support, and it is still impossible to achieve complete comparison. . The quadrant analysis map is different, with up to 22 technical data involved! I dare not say that quadrant analysis is the most scientific, but by comparison, it is certainly more convincing than simple data analysis.

The quadrant analysis is more suitable for comparison between players, although it can also be seen that Ronaldo’s level is much higher than the average of the Juventus team. Assuming that there are two Ronaldo stars in Juventus, we will not be able to see the average level of Ronaldo and Juventus. At this point, the radar chart has his advantage. Please see the picture below:

For this game, the surface area of ​​C Ronaldo is significantly higher than the overall level of Juventus, which is consistent with the quadrant analysis chart, which is basically a real hammer. Looking at the comparison of the average strength of Juventus and Chievo, it is also consistent with the conclusion of the quadrant analysis.

It can also be seen from the above quadrant analysis chart that the technical stability score of this game is higher than 80 points for 4 people, especially Chiellini and Bonucci, which is the highest in the whole team. It seems that the stability of Juventus is still very good. The performance of Chiellini is obvious to everyone. Bonucci is an alternative. If there are major mistakes and scores at the same time, there are such data conclusions that basically belong to the “work and balance” type.

Said to return to the topic of “Guan Gong Qin Qiong”. Compared with Bonucci, Ronaldo is even stronger than Chiellini. This problem can be solved in the model of quadrant analysis. The quadrant analysis originally had 4 regions, representing 4 different levels of players. According to past experience of quadrant analysis, C Ronaldo and Messi are different in level from Bonucci and Chiellini. In the quadrant, they represent players who belong to different levels. However, in this analysis, due to the limited data, it is impossible to make a detailed classification of the four quadrants, and C Ronaldo’s game is the first run-in, the number of touches is too small, and there is no way to show Ronaldo’s technology more completely. Level. Therefore, we have to add subjective judgment here, that is, based on Ronaldo’s unfavorable environment, it is concluded that C Ronaldo is stronger. If you have the opportunity to sort out all the data of the top teams in Serie A throughout the season, you will be infinitely close to the real situation.

Summary: In this quadrant analysis attempt, I have avoided complex algorithmic problems in the article. It should be noted that from the entry of data, including the construction of the model, all done by hand, without reference to the information provided by any data organization, this is a very exciting thing in itself. We hope to promote this fresh attempt and hope that everyone will give their opinions. If you don’t give up, I hope everyone will support us to continue.

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