The Spurs, which have a bad start to the new season, are repairing the mistakes they made earlier. The Spurs and the Spurs at the start are two different teams. Not only did they get rid of the thunderstorm in the locker room at the beginning of the season, they also passed The adjustment of tactical play required new changes, which put the team back on track.

As the Spurs are back on track, actively embracing three-pointers is an important reason for the improvement of the Spurs ’record. Based on the analysis of 10 regular-season games, the Spurs’ record of defeats is concentrated in the 11-20 game cycle. At that time, the Spurs only had a 20% win rate; after that, the Spurs’ win rate rose to more than 50%, and their three-point attempts and three-point shooting rate also increased accordingly.

In the 21-30 games of the regular season, the Spurs averaged 28.1 three-pointers per game; in the 31-40 games, the Spurs, who tasted the sweetness, increased the number of three-point attempts to 32.7 and shot 38.5%.

Before the Spurs got back on track, some Spurs players publicly stated that the team should make more three-pointers to open up space, and Aldridge, the core, did not just say that he would not practice fake moves, and the Spurs actively embraced the change of three-pointers. He is a vanguard.

With the Spurs embracing three-pointers, Aldridge significantly increased the percentage of three-pointers in the 31-40 games of the regular season. At this time, Aldridge averaged 5.2 three-point attempts per game, reaching The overall shooting percentage was 38%, while the previous Aldridge had only a 10% three-pointer.

Aldridge’s three-point coverage is also guaranteed. In the last 11 games, his three-point shooting has reached 51.8%, the fifth in the league.

Aldridge’s teammate Morrie said, “I’m glad to see that he started trying to make three-pointers because he was really accurate when training.”

Guy even pointed out the key question, “Ade’s three-pointer is of great significance to the team. He is willing to help the team change his original play. Three-pointer is a trend in the development of the league, like me and Azerbaijan. Players like Germany must also learn how to help the team open up space. ”

Obviously, Aldridge’s change has indeed helped the Spurs. In the past 15 games, the presence or absence of Aldridge has greatly affected the Spurs’ offense. When he was present, the Spurs could take every 100 possessions. To 118.1 points, and when Aldridge was away, the Spurs could only get 110.1 points, the difference of which ranked the Spurs second.

Celtics coach Stevens also said, “When they are double-posted in the post, Aldridge will go for a three-pointer to open up space.”

Because of Aldridge’s transformation into a space-based pitcher, DeRozan also gained more room for breakthrough. In January, DeRozan’s average number of breakthroughs surged to 23.4 times, less than 20 before … and in the last 15 games, DeRozan The Spurs could score 9.9 more points per 100 possessions when Rozan was on the field, the highest in the team.

This data can be reflected to a certain extent. Shuangde has become a dual-core that allows the Spurs to run. It is also because of the rational redistribution of offensive space that Shuangde broke out, and the Spurs got on track.

However, DeRozan is 30 years old and Aldridge is 34. At the same time, the contract between Shuangde and Spurs is completed until the 20-21 season. DeRozan is still a player option in 2020. Expect to sign a long-term contract out of the contract.

This also raises the question, will the Spurs continue to stick to the dual German model?

This question should be combined with environmental background analysis, and Shuangde should be divided into two individuals for evaluation.

Although DeRozan has recently returned to the All-Star level, in fact his performance in averaging 28 + 5 + 6 + 62.9% in his last 10 games depends heavily on changes in the offensive environment. The essence of DeRozan It’s still DeRozan, just embracing the three-pointer Spurs’ offensive environment is more conducive to DeRozan’s “survival”.

Therefore, DeRozan’s data has a certain “false prosperity” element.

Although it is undeniable that the recent DeRozan deserves the praise of fans, DeRozan is still a “pseudo core” that requires the team to build an offensive and defensive system based on him.

In other words, DeRozan needs a lot of offensive resources to lean on him, but on this premise, the Spurs only have a winning percentage of over 50%.

So, under the premise that DeRozan wants to grasp the last fat contract of his career this summer, the Spurs renewal DeRozan is easy to dig for himself; unless Spurs can convince DeRozan to shorten the contract extension period Renewed under conditions that affect the Spurs’ future roster update.

Although Aldridge is 34 years old, it is clear that he is more team-friendly than DeRozan, and this can be seen in the transition to a space pitcher and plug and play.

Although Aldridge’s previous fat appointment has been criticized by many fans as a premium contract, but looking back now, although Aldridge’s contract is not a good value, it is at least reasonable. Regardless of attendance, data output, and team requirements, Aldridge is hard to make the audience sceptical.

Of course, Aldridge is already a 34-year-old veteran, after all, there is no potential to tap, and the Spurs are facing the dilemma of new and old.

In fact, the examples of the Nuggets and Millsap are good reference objects for the Spurs and Adelaide. Millsap’s strong combat effectiveness and flexible positioning make the Nuggets willing to execute his remaining 1 year 30 million team option; because Mills Sapp is basically harmless and able to play on and off the court, so the Nuggets can tolerate Millsap’s premium, and Aldridge has the same reason.

Although Aldridge’s contract is not much more affordable than DeRozan’s, the toxicity is much lower than DeRozan’s contract. So the Spurs can safely hold Aldridge in their hands. In the Spurs’ multiple transformations in recent seasons, the core partner around them has changed from GDP to Leonard to DeRozan, Aldridge can follow the lineup. Changes in their positioning.

In other words, Aldridge, like Millsap, can meet the team’s demand for immediate combat power without occupying the space for young people to grow up; the team’s tactical play does not need to accommodate them, but they can support young people as supporting roles Player growth.

So, the Spurs have a reason to leave Aldridge, but DeRozan is not necessarily …

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